A 4c (Hair) Staple: The Bonnet Dryer

Hey Naturals!!

I have a new Winter Moisture Routine that I would like to share. I have learned a lot about my hair in the last two years of my healthy hair journey. We all know the winter is brutal on natural hair, if not taken care of properly, so this year I HAD to switch it up. My (4c) hair required more heat applied when I did my deep condition routine, which my dryer can not do alone. I needed something compact with ease of use to get the job done. The Bonnet Dryer was the perfect solution. Over the season I have also found an oil mix that works for me. I encourage naturals to use thicker oils like avocado oil, castor oil and my favorite olive oil. Coconut oil is just a must. It is terrible as a sealant, but has many benefits as you know.

Deep Condition Products

Both products can be found in the Hair Supply or Beauty section of most drug stores.

I have done this routine twice and so far so great! My hair has definitely been more manageable, softer and holds a slight natural sheen to it. My choice of products may not work for you, but then again.. it might.

First thing with my hair is sectioning before cleansing. Then for co-washing I generally use Patene or TRESemme’ products, same for the deep condition process. I love using my current conditioner. It does exactly what the bottle says and leaves my hair feeling moisturized with a pleasant softness. I apply it tips to root. This is the best time to detangle because the product gives my hair necessary slip reducing breakage. Once all sections are done, time to move on. This Cantu Tea Tree & Jojoba oil mix is my new favorite! The smell is great, it has a thick consistency and does wonders as my sealant. Again, I apply to all sections tips to root then I tend to twist my hair making sure all my hair is getting the product.

Both products bought from Amazon. Total was about $16

Both products bought from Amazon. Total was about $16

Before using my bonnet the infamous plastic bag comes out, lol. Both times I sat under for about 20-25 mins. It does get pretty hot and I do recommend purchasing ear cuffs. The usual flat two strand twists are go to protective style after a wash because the tension on the roots keep my hair from shrinking too tightly. I let it set overnight sleeping with my satin hair bonnet.

Deep Conditon & twistout results.

Deep Condition & twist-out results.

I’m soooo glad I purchased this dryer bonnet. That winter “crunchy” hair is defeated. I am in looove! My overall results were awesome. I am going to continue to do this twice a month for the rest of the season.

I would definitely recommend this bonnet to any natural who has really dry ends, breakage, course/thick hair or looking to use heat in their deep conditioning process. For me, this is my 4c (hair) Staple!


Polished In Pink

polished in pink       I really like my job, sales is what I do. However, fashion is my mind, its who I am. At work my coworkers like to tease me with names like “diva”. Sometimes I don’t mind it and sometimes I do. Getting dressed is easy when you have key pieces in your wardrobe. I love to dress with color and pink was the focus of the day.

Choosing a classic pencil skirt in a a funky color automatically personalizes your attire. I am a fan of being an individual as nature intended. Building my outfit around this piece was quite simple as well. I chose to wear a light top (white) to keep the look of the day fresh and flirty. To opt for a darker top wouldn’t have gave this look the same effect.

This tops fabric also was another reason for it being the choice. I love that the sheer gave a really sexy feel without doing too much, while the cut of the sleeves gave the outfit a really cool structure. The lady like collar meshed really well with the pink and the last thing to do was to find complimenting accessories!

Earrings and Necklace: Goodwill in NYC @ $3.99 ea Blouse and Skirt: Papaya in SYR both under $18.00 ea

Cruel Cold World. #CCW


CRUEL COLD WORLD is an upcoming line of snapbacks and fitted caps with its CEO Streetz as its sole designer. I recently did an interview with him during a trip to Atlanta to visit my younger sister. I had to ask Streetz what was the motive behind the idea of creating handmade custom hats. Either way, I believe that it is a profitable market to provide consumers with a familiar product and a fresh outlook. And with him only producing a few of the same the buyer can be sure that his or her look is unique.The sweet Auburn Fest 2013 was his latest debut of his line.

Me: So how long have you been at your latest project (#CCW) ?

Streetz: About two months now. Its been a bumpy road. I had an idea and I’m running with it. I am just taking a chance.

Me: Have you had any help from others with your project?

Streetz: Yes. I had help with promotions in the past, which was some real work. As of now I’m working on this alone. Not everybody sticks around. My partner that assisted with the promotions was very helpful but a little unsure of it all.

Me: Besides having people back out of your business – for whatever reasons – are there any other situations that didn’t go according to plan?

Streetz: I remember waiting for my shipment of hats to come and they never did. I had to call the wholesaler and find out what was the problem. Long story short they held my payment and delayed my shipment because of lost paperwork on their end. That was definitely a learning experience. Even when you think you have it in the bag, double check.

CCW Streetz

Me: What would you like to gain from this business besides profit?

Streetz: Ah man. Well the personal and business relationships that I’ve made so far are cool. It has given me a chance to ask questions and brain pick… which is great because I am getting reliable answers from people who work in the same field. Whether it is from owning their own business or work experience.

Me: What keeps you motivated about this random idea that you had?

Streetz: I mean this is just a side hustle, music is my first passion and providing better for my children. All those combined is motivation. CCW is an avenue I use to invest in other ventures that I have going on. I also have a mixtape coming out soon (titled CCW). Alot of the guys I team up with or will be getting with soon, in the industry or random Joe’s, enjoy well made hats. So I figure I can provide them with that. When acting as CEO of Cold Cruel World artists wouldn’t have to know that I do music. I am that entrepreneur. However, when doing shows or in the studio and my man, a friend, an associate, a business contact or whoever… (when they) need that custom hat or snapback for a show or their own big opportunity I can provide that. That is definitely great promotion in itself. So it all works out.


Me: If you had to describe this project in a few short words what would you say it was?

Streetz: It was an experiment for the better. After making them there was nothing else to do but sell them.

Me: Would you like to have any competition in the world of snapbacks or where do you see this going for you?

Streetz: I will become the creative force for this market. My style is unique and I believe I have alot to offer.

Me: Where can we find you?

Streetz: You can follow me on Instagram @hollaatstreetz. All orders can be placed via email (ccwdesignz@gmail.com). The website is under construction and updates are coming soon.

Lucky in the world of Fluff

Apparently I’m late. Fluff has been around forever and you eat it on bread, with peanut butter. Making the “best peanut butter sandwich” known to man, as told by a friend. Not in all my years would I have thought to put these two edibles together… so I found something better. One day while sitting at home I had a great idea. Why buy cereal bars when I can make them? HA! So I entered the kitchen to grab the butter, fluff and one of my favorite brands of cereal. I went to work.
Follow these elementary steps to start. Take one large scoop of butter and melt it in a medium sized pot. Then turn it on a low flame and add 3-4 large scoops of sweet sticky fluff. Continually stir with a spoon until the mixture is in a soft liquid state. Do NOT boil. (-_-)


In a large mixing bowl, with cereal already in there, pour the sweet coating and begin to mix immediately. Do not wait for the mixture to cool as it may be tougher to stir.



When that’s complete find a flat baking pan or something similar to flatten, shape and rest your creation. Refrigerate for ten minutes and done. This is a totally fun and simple activity to do with children. Sons, daughters, nephews and nieces will have have a satisfied sweet tooth… you as well.

Product Review: Black Opal Foundation & Maybelline BB cream.

Black beauties, like myself, who are searching for that perfect foundation… look no more. I have a recommendation! Black Opal’s True color (oil free) Liquid Foundation has been my go to product since the beginning of 2012. My color is Ebony. This foundation leaves me with a fresh-faced dewey look and matches me exactly. I am overly satisfied with this beauty product. Initially it was a random purchase from my local Rite Aid, however, after I tried it…. Yeeeees! My dream foundation.


This product is hypoallergenic, dries to a matte finish and is wallet friendly. For less than 10bucks you too can find your perfect match. As always ladies before doing your foundation routine using a good quality facial primer is a must.


I use Maybelline’s Dream Fresh Beauty Balm Skin Perfector, in Deep Sheer tint. Besides doing its job as a primer I love the way this 8 in 1 cream brightens. Definitely comes in handy in those days where makeup isn’t necessary. Placing a little under the eye and I am done for the day! This tinted BB Cream is also a product with 0% heavy oils. I’ve been using this primer for two months and I am content with my purchase.

Winter Protective Style #1

Being new to this natural wave I have not dealt with any of my kinks since elementary. Even then I didn’t handle them and I have come to a realization…. this can be frustrating! However I’ve come up with a temporary solution in which I do not have to curse every morning. I’ve solved my issue with BRAIDS! I honestly have not worn box or individual braids since middle school and I’m loving it. Since I haven’t curled the ends yet I can’t rock them down. It’s just not my style. So currently my favorite look is a funky updo with the hair rolled and pinned to the side.

Image Image

This style is super easy and chic. Pinned updo’s are such a YES! To achieve this look I tilted my head forward and pushed all the hair the same way. Next is simply criss cross sections of the hair as I moved from the nape of the neck toward the top. Continue with this into a fishtail or large braid then pin with large hair pins on either side of your head and you’re done.

Having braids definitely makes my mornings easier but still will require a regimen to avoid dry roots.

Image Image

Yesterday’s “Good Hair” is gone!

Yeeeeea buddy! I finally cut my hair. I chose my much younger sister’s birthday to do so. Before doing my B.C I stated two weeks ago that I was going to do it.. but with procrastination and fear it took longer than what I would have liked. I wasn’t really in a rush all of a sudden. I was comfortable with my transitioning hair.


My last perm was in May 2012 so by June new growth had already set in. I transition for 7 months before I completely thought MY HAIR IS FINE THE WAY IT GROWS OUT OF MY SCALP. Now that I see myself I look like my mom during the seventies in Harlem, NY. Love at first sight. Next on my list is to find hair products to moisturize and protect my coils from breakage.


A daily hair regimen is a needed, can’t be avoided, should have had one yesterday kind of deal. So far I’ve noticed the typical grease doesn’t do it for my hair. Sure it keeps my scalp from being dry, but that’s about it. It just makes my hair heavy and hard to manage. My current moisturizing products are creams and butters rich in coconut oil, willow bark extract, aloe vera, extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. Knowing your hair texture and type is key!

While on the web I stumbled upon a website which gave me a waaaay better understanding about me. I encourage you ladies to check it out if you are on your natural journey as well. Overall I am happy with my decision. My transition is over. I am a Naturalista baby!

Coiled Inspiration

In recent years within the black community I’ve noticed a change in our women. Many have been embracing the way Yahweh (GOD) has made them. I also have come to know that sporting hair type 4C instead of 1B or 3A doesn’t make anyone’s beauty less perfect. Rocking my hair has definitely added some “umph” to my walk and undeniably gave me a self-esteem boost.

I don’t care to know if anyone else likes it. I don’t care to know if it may make me look dated. My coiled kinks actually make my eyes sparkle. They make my smile brighter. My coiled kinks has taught me self acceptance. So I ask, “Isn’t that one of the end goals in life?” Correct me if I am wrong.

I have been inspired by so many beautiful women that I’ve seen. In the grocery store buying eggs, on Youtube doing hair tutorials, in my family, on television, social media… sheeesh. I must admit that the politics of black hair has caught my attention. I am forever grateful to these random people who unknowingly changed the attitude I have toward myself.

Now readers, because I am here proclaiming my love for my natural hair does not mean that I will never wear a wig. I would be cheating myself! That’s the beauty of being a women… I can change hair as I please. However, what I will NOT BE doing is adding any chemical straighteners to my hair. And once my hair grows to a certain length I will not be able to wear a wig… and that’s perfectly fine with me 🙂 .