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Hair on Fleek! (Good Hair Day)

Hey Naturals!

The whole process of learning what actually works for your coils and kinks and what will not work on any given day (for me it’s a wash & no no) can get quite expensive and frustrating. Simple oils, thicker oils for winter, and a shea butter mix have been my best friend. Once my hair is cleansed and has had the moisture sealed in watch out, giiirl you can’t tell me nothing!  When the good hair days come around and stay around, you have found your routine.

fb kkinks blogFor this specific look I set my hair over night in flat twist all over my head. In the front I chose about 3/4 of the front to be twisted one way and the rest in the opposite direction. The crown of my head was also in chunky flat twists the same direction as the front 3/4 of my hair.

The trick is to only tease the front and crown of the head leaving the rest of the flat twist curled tighter with minimum fluff. Rollers can be used on your flat twist going around the head (not the front or crown)if your hair is longer. This will make those sections of hair appear shorter giving your style shape. I currently do not have a “style” for my natural tresses. I mostly do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s a mess and other days… its a masterpiece!! Today is hair is on FLEEK ❤

Palm Oil Deep conditioner

Organic hair and skin products in Nigeria


Oh yes! I said it! So what you do is chop onions and mix it with the palm oil and…………..lol noooo we are not cooking hair egusi, this is a real thing.

We have many natural beauty secrets that are often ignored in this present day and age in Nigeria. My husband actually pointed out to me how his grandma put palm oil in her hair! So when you want to rejuvenate your hair look no further than your kitchen.

The composition of palm oil makes it so great for the skin and hair, palm oil is rich in alpha carotene, beta carotene and a mixture of ten other carotenes, it’s also very high in vitamin E ( tocopherols and rare tocotrienols). When consumed the beta carotene is converted to vitamin A by the body, and vitamin A is used to combat hair loss. Carotene which is the basis for…

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Beach Waves Natural 4c Hair

This style is gorg!

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Top 5 Natural Hair Tips for Any Length

Hands In Hair Syndrome is something I AM dealing with…

5 Natural Hair TipsI stopped relaxing my hair in November 2009 and I stopped getting it professionally styled in June 2010. Since then I have learned a lot about natural hair in general simply because I had no choice – I’ve done a loooot of research. Lol. When I attend and host events Curlistas always ask me what I do to “grow” my hair. I’m always puzzled because I don’t “do” anything. BUT, there are a few things I have learned along the way that can help your hair if length is your goal.

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It doesn’t work for everyone

Looove Glamfun #4chair rocks