Shoe Review:

Hey Naturals!!

One thing that I can say that will not go away anytime soon is my love for shoes! Never mind that the right pair will lift that booty, make those legs appear longer and give you a strut to kill for. It will have your confidence on “You need to calm down”, lol. My confidence of being a woman isn’t solely based on cosmetics and image, but hunty if a pair of 3 – 4.5 inch pumps don’t give me life! I have to admit that most of my shoes right now are on a break due to the winter season, but don’t worry… they’ll be out again soon enough. My latest purchase was from I have made purchases from them before. Their shoes fit pretty true to size and fit as comfortable as expected. I have not had to add any of those pressure relief sole inserts in any of the shoes.

GoJane Shoe Review

Clearly 4u Ankle Strap Heels ($15) & Unknown (sold out-$18).

Since my purchase I have only wore the strapless pair. Don’t worry I do have an outfit on standby for the metallic green pair as well.

My reasoning for shopping at is the bargains! You can really get a nice pair of shoes for the low. Stylish, affordable and in my closet is how I like them. I also have read other reviews from this online store and most reviews received are great! The only real factor I seen with dissatisfaction is the fit. Some say true to size while others say it runs smaller or larger. I honestly feel this may due to what the brand of the shoe is.

Overall if you are on the hunt for inexpensive shoes with style or even something more simple like a leatherette point toe pump in different flavors… GoJane is a fix! Expensive shoes don’t show class… your walk and the cross of the leg does! While trying not curse like a sailor, lol.

Polished In Pink

polished in pink       I really like my job, sales is what I do. However, fashion is my mind, its who I am. At work my coworkers like to tease me with names like “diva”. Sometimes I don’t mind it and sometimes I do. Getting dressed is easy when you have key pieces in your wardrobe. I love to dress with color and pink was the focus of the day.

Choosing a classic pencil skirt in a a funky color automatically personalizes your attire. I am a fan of being an individual as nature intended. Building my outfit around this piece was quite simple as well. I chose to wear a light top (white) to keep the look of the day fresh and flirty. To opt for a darker top wouldn’t have gave this look the same effect.

This tops fabric also was another reason for it being the choice. I love that the sheer gave a really sexy feel without doing too much, while the cut of the sleeves gave the outfit a really cool structure. The lady like collar meshed really well with the pink and the last thing to do was to find complimenting accessories!

Earrings and Necklace: Goodwill in NYC @ $3.99 ea Blouse and Skirt: Papaya in SYR both under $18.00 ea

Urban Chic

This past Saturday I went out to a birthday party for a young lady thrown by local party promoters. Picking an outfit was pretty simple this night because. I went for comfortable and stylish. About three weeks ago while thrifting I picked up a really cool red long sleeve blouse by Richard Evans. I have been waiting to wear it. Since it is a party and holiday season this was the perfect time. The collared necklace was bought two years ago from Charolette Russe. It is one of my favorites. Bib necklaces or Peter Pan collars spruce up any blouse. My bottoms are black cords from Burlington by Body Active Design. They cost a whopping 13bucks 🙂 I purchased those the day the party and I am in loooove. Super comfortable and long enough to pass my ankle. I did also wear a thin red velvet belt from Forever 21. When going to step out I always keep shoes that I can move in, strut and not get any aches as a top priority. This did just the job.


My Fergie leopard print (calf fur) booties are the bomb! Definitely a favorite shoe of mine. I purchased these on sale from Famous Footwear, 60bucks.


When I put this together I wanted to keep my appearance simple. I didn’t add any other accessories. My diamond studs did a great job at letting my bun and natural makeup become polished. Sporting this red blouse was a good choice to allow my bib necklace be a conversation piece. Black cords add texture to any outfit and the correct leopard print heels are a classic. I chose a simple bag to bring the shoe color upward and tie the look together. The jacket was snatched out of my mothers closet on my way out the door and done! Simple, clean and polished.