Meals of each day.

      The best things in my life are free. The face of family in the morning, the beat of a higher power in my chest and carpe diém engraved on the soles of my feet. Nothing in life comes with a guarantee… and I am still willing to jump off the bridge to feel the wind beneath my wings.
      Soaring to my definition of success not bound by expectations of others, nor is it too far into the future that I can not taste it. Love served humbly on the rocks, I gracefully chew a piece of the winners pie. Bold risk taking, pupil mentality and observation are the stems on my fork. I don’t rush to eat meals because the most important part is the digestion.

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About IamDutchWill
Daughter. Sister. Mother. Natural hair blogger. Shoe lover. Poet. I choose to be optimistic with all of life's events and people. I like to write as a form of expression and as a driven woman I can stand some great adventures. I am who I am naturally. God. Growth. Family. Forever.

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  1. isleofazure says:

    Thanks doll.

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