Disregarded Truth.

DEAR GOD, 99 problems

At some point I really wish my community would stop being SHEEP. Molly is crack’s cousin on steroids. They need to be worried about something. Yolo is killing them. Turnt up wasn’t made for everyday and Rachet is not suppose to be a lifestyle. I love them to death. Please wake them up! The music they listen to is who they are becoming. I can’t deal…

Your Ambitious, Shoe fanatic, Poet and daughter named Dutchess.

About IamDutchWill
Daughter. Sister. Mother. Natural hair blogger. Shoe lover. Poet. I choose to be optimistic with all of life's events and people. I like to write as a form of expression and as a driven woman I can stand some great adventures. I am who I am naturally. God. Growth. Family. Forever.

2 Responses to Disregarded Truth.

  1. Tameka Jones says:

    So what are you doing to help your community stray away from this? besides grouping a whole community into one horrible stereotype. Not all black people act this way and not all ppl who act this way are black. Please take your self-righteous attitude on and stop making OUR community sound as horrible as the white ppl imagine it to be.

    • You are offended because you are being closed minded and cannot accept truth. The obvious is that this does not hold truth to all people in our community and to assume I am talking about every black person is crazy lol. This prayer is for the mainstream media. The Lil Wayne’s, Kanye’s and Trinadad James’. Not to mention the fact of how our music has changed since it began has a definite effect on how we act/think and what we believe. Besides being a blogger I am a Big Sister. I help children build self esteem and separate what they hear in our music from reality! I don’t care what whites have to say about us, they can kiss my ass. My job is to strength us from the bottom up.. starting with my home and children in my area. I am also becoming a Zumba instructor to teach females about physical health for no cost. I also run a community garden in the projects to assist and teach others how to plant and properly grow and harvest there own food due to the recent and loud activities of Mosanto. I am no better than whoever fits the description above. But thank you anyway for your honest opinion. What are you doing?

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