The following hair care tips are my favorite 5 rules to managing my natural hair. And since my big chop my results have been great. I could do a better job of keeping my fingers out my head, but for the moment I am in love. I hope you follow these tips as well. You’ll be presently surprised at how much minimal work actually does.

  • NO COMBING – I have to admit this is a rule I broke for the first month after my big chop. I did hear people, such as Jouelzy, Glamfun and Jenell, say combing isn’t the best move to make when handling our hair textures.. but did I listen, NO. It was a hard habit to break and besides I’ve been combing my hair for the last 15 years. Not to mention a Leo woman is as stubborn as they come. However, after seeing all my strands I worked so hard on actually on my bathroom floor I listened up. NO COMBING! Especially when you have many kinks and coils. Sheesh… detangle it is.
  • CLARIFYING SHAMPOO – The direct is before I did my big chop I was a YouTube fanatic. I knew all the terminology of us naturals. I must have viewed more than a fair share of natural hair care videos and tutorials. I was ready – so I thought. I realized once I did my b.c and it was time to cowash my hair that my scalp still felt… eewww. It took me another wash to figure it out. It was the product residue just hanging out. Now I understand that I, along with some others, MUST include a clarifying shampoo into my hair care.
  • MOISTURE ROUTINE – Overstand that this rule is veeeery important. You’ll definitely hear it over and over again. It gets kind of annoying really, but its true! 4c hair textures are the driest and most fragile of all the hair types. It is due to the fact of our curls, kinks and coils slowing down our natural oils from reaching the ends of our hair. Without healthy ends you will not retain any length and believe the myth that coarse hair doesn’t grow. So if I was you … Moisturize, moisturize,moisturize! I use the L.O.C method.
  • NIGHT TIME HAIR REGIMEN – A scarf while sleeping seems simple enough, which it is. It’s what is underneath it that needs maintenance. When your hair is styled then most of the work is done. All that is left is to touch those ends then sleep. If you change your hair styles often or just like the free wild loose hair look make sure you throw some chunky twists in before bed. If not then you’ll wake up with a matted head looking like an angry beaver. Don’t get lazy and try the sleeping light method because it doesn’t work. I learned my lesson. If you don’t have a night hair care solution… get one.
  • TRIMMING – To trim is definitely a healthy hair habit, just be sure not to o.d with your scissors. I usually can afford a half inch or a little more every 5 months. It will handle any split ends and single knots strands I have at that moment. Trimming naturally promotes healthy hair growth because your ends are being catered too. With addition to a moisture routine you’re pretty much in the clear for healthy hair growth. Never rip or pitch off any single strand knots. They are very annoying but doing so can cause more damage than good. It causes your hair to split at the ends. Which in return may cause you to want to trim more often than you need to… see the connection? Instead reach for you scissors. A clean cut will do your tame a great deal of wonder.



A Yahweh loving shoe fanatic named Dutchess.

About IamDutchWill
Daughter. Sister. Mother. Natural hair blogger. Shoe lover. Poet. I choose to be optimistic with all of life's events and people. I like to write as a form of expression and as a driven woman I can stand some great adventures. I am who I am naturally. God. Growth. Family. Forever.

One Response to 4C HAIR RULES

  1. Margaret says:

    An angry beaver?…….LoL….I almost spit out my coffee! You are so right, I agree with your rules. The hardest thing for me is combing, but I am making the effort and it is paying off. Oh, trimming is another one, but I will go from trimming once a year to twice a year, every 6 months. And yes hunty,…….. Leos rule, 8/20.

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