Cruel Cold World. #CCW


CRUEL COLD WORLD is an upcoming line of snapbacks and fitted caps with its CEO Streetz as its sole designer. I recently did an interview with him during a trip to Atlanta to visit my younger sister. I had to ask Streetz what was the motive behind the idea of creating handmade custom hats. Either way, I believe that it is a profitable market to provide consumers with a familiar product and a fresh outlook. And with him only producing a few of the same the buyer can be sure that his or her look is unique.The sweet Auburn Fest 2013 was his latest debut of his line.

Me: So how long have you been at your latest project (#CCW) ?

Streetz: About two months now. Its been a bumpy road. I had an idea and I’m running with it. I am just taking a chance.

Me: Have you had any help from others with your project?

Streetz: Yes. I had help with promotions in the past, which was some real work. As of now I’m working on this alone. Not everybody sticks around. My partner that assisted with the promotions was very helpful but a little unsure of it all.

Me: Besides having people back out of your business – for whatever reasons – are there any other situations that didn’t go according to plan?

Streetz: I remember waiting for my shipment of hats to come and they never did. I had to call the wholesaler and find out what was the problem. Long story short they held my payment and delayed my shipment because of lost paperwork on their end. That was definitely a learning experience. Even when you think you have it in the bag, double check.

CCW Streetz

Me: What would you like to gain from this business besides profit?

Streetz: Ah man. Well the personal and business relationships that I’ve made so far are cool. It has given me a chance to ask questions and brain pick… which is great because I am getting reliable answers from people who work in the same field. Whether it is from owning their own business or work experience.

Me: What keeps you motivated about this random idea that you had?

Streetz: I mean this is just a side hustle, music is my first passion and providing better for my children. All those combined is motivation. CCW is an avenue I use to invest in other ventures that I have going on. I also have a mixtape coming out soon (titled CCW). Alot of the guys I team up with or will be getting with soon, in the industry or random Joe’s, enjoy well made hats. So I figure I can provide them with that. When acting as CEO of Cold Cruel World artists wouldn’t have to know that I do music. I am that entrepreneur. However, when doing shows or in the studio and my man, a friend, an associate, a business contact or whoever… (when they) need that custom hat or snapback for a show or their own big opportunity I can provide that. That is definitely great promotion in itself. So it all works out.


Me: If you had to describe this project in a few short words what would you say it was?

Streetz: It was an experiment for the better. After making them there was nothing else to do but sell them.

Me: Would you like to have any competition in the world of snapbacks or where do you see this going for you?

Streetz: I will become the creative force for this market. My style is unique and I believe I have alot to offer.

Me: Where can we find you?

Streetz: You can follow me on Instagram @hollaatstreetz. All orders can be placed via email ( The website is under construction and updates are coming soon.