Xtraordinarly Pleased.

As I put on a pair of point-toed booties to match my shoulder padded structured jacket over the best 1950’s vintage Casual Corners dress, I knew this was going to be a great night. I was waiting for it… a “Black Tie Affair” to take place at the Drumlins. An hour of meet and greet then seated for live entertainment, dinner and Raffles gift bags. I purchased my ticket about two weeks in advance and glad I was in attendance. Entering the building .. first thing.. coat check. Inside as guests greeted each other there were assorted vegetables with their dips arranged on standing tables. Various pictures of the Extraordinary Gentlemen and their female companions with the bar to the far right. After making my rounds through tuxedos and gowns I pulled the typical lady move… bathroom! 😉 It’s a universal language. Hair.. check! Makeup.. check! Booty.. niiice! Now it was time to be seated. Ballroom beautiful. Each table held eight guests and a decorative water filled bowl with a swimming fish. While we sat and conversed about our lives, randomness and this event we were blessed to hear the sounds being created by two brothers.


These talented violinists are twin brothers Eric (left) and Anthony (right). I was absolutely in love with their covers of todays artists, in example Usher and Beyonce’ just to name two. They’ve played their instruments for the last nine years and practice has definitely paid off. Kudos. The center of the night was dinner. The menu was tasty. I even went home to fry up some battered onions to throw in my greens. Desert was sexy.. fruit kebabs ran through the fountain of chocolate. The end of the night was hands down the best! The Brownskin Band totally turned it up. Covers of Chaka Khan, Bob Marley, Mary J. Blige, Islet Brothers, Next, Jay Z, Donnell Jones, Blackstreet.. need I continue? I networked, ate, danced and won a bottle of Pink Moscoto in the raffled gift bags. I genuinely enjoyed my self. #thatisall

About IamDutchWill
Daughter. Sister. Mother. Natural hair blogger. Shoe lover. Poet. I choose to be optimistic with all of life's events and people. I like to write as a form of expression and as a driven woman I can stand some great adventures. I am who I am naturally. God. Growth. Family. Forever.

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