Lucky in the world of Fluff

Apparently I’m late. Fluff has been around forever and you eat it on bread, with peanut butter. Making the “best peanut butter sandwich” known to man, as told by a friend. Not in all my years would I have thought to put these two edibles together… so I found something better. One day while sitting at home I had a great idea. Why buy cereal bars when I can make them? HA! So I entered the kitchen to grab the butter, fluff and one of my favorite brands of cereal. I went to work.
Follow these elementary steps to start. Take one large scoop of butter and melt it in a medium sized pot. Then turn it on a low flame and add 3-4 large scoops of sweet sticky fluff. Continually stir with a spoon until the mixture is in a soft liquid state. Do NOT boil. (-_-)


In a large mixing bowl, with cereal already in there, pour the sweet coating and begin to mix immediately. Do not wait for the mixture to cool as it may be tougher to stir.



When that’s complete find a flat baking pan or something similar to flatten, shape and rest your creation. Refrigerate for ten minutes and done. This is a totally fun and simple activity to do with children. Sons, daughters, nephews and nieces will have have a satisfied sweet tooth… you as well.

About IamDutchWill
Daughter. Sister. Mother. Natural hair blogger. Shoe lover. Poet. I choose to be optimistic with all of life's events and people. I like to write as a form of expression and as a driven woman I can stand some great adventures. I am who I am naturally. God. Growth. Family. Forever.

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