Winter Protective Style #1

Being new to this natural wave I have not dealt with any of my kinks since elementary. Even then I didn’t handle them and I have come to a realization…. this can be frustrating! However I’ve come up with a temporary solution in which I do not have to curse every morning. I’ve solved my issue with BRAIDS! I honestly have not worn box or individual braids since middle school and I’m loving it. Since I haven’t curled the ends yet I can’t rock them down. It’s just not my style. So currently my favorite look is a funky updo with the hair rolled and pinned to the side.

Image Image

This style is super easy and chic. Pinned updo’s are such a YES! To achieve this look I tilted my head forward and pushed all the hair the same way. Next is simply criss cross sections of the hair as I moved from the nape of the neck toward the top. Continue with this into a fishtail or large braid then pin with large hair pins on either side of your head and you’re done.

Having braids definitely makes my mornings easier but still will require a regimen to avoid dry roots.

Image Image

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